The UK mezzanine finance sector is experiencing exponential growth due to stricter lending requirements by high street banks.

Asset backed opportunities

Welcome to Berkeley Square Parners

Established in 2016

Unlike the cumbersome institutional credit banking system, Berkeley Square Partners isn’t constrained by certain bureaucratic processes and other formulaic financing criteria that were enforced in the global credit system since the 2008 recession crisis. Heightened caution amongst lenders caused them to de-risk their lending criteria, meaning businesses have had to seek alternative methods for raising funds. Hence, the evolution of loan notes and debt-based financial instruments to fund new projects began.

Our in-house decision-making team operates at speed, using our proprietary due-diligence process, which allows us to provide a swift liquidity solution.

Working alongside our investors and credit facility providers, we focus on areas which preferably offer joint venture opportunities, due to the higher yields which are made available through this. By co-investing in these transactions, Berkeley Square is able to provide attractive financing structures which offer a win-win solution, where the underlying asset(s) will be used to form a security network.


Company Overview

  • Specialist boutique financier in the Housing, Hospitality and Renewable energy sectors.
  • Mezzanine co-investor through asset backed debt-capital opportunities.
  • Principal investor, to cut out brokers and thereby reducing transaction fees.
  • We invest in government backed communities, which offer medium-long term growth opportunities.
  • Highly experienced team with a financial services background.
Cameron Smith
I am very pleased with the returns shown by Berkeley Square my investment consultant Daniel has been extremely helpful. My income payments have always been on time and I am very happy with the service!
Posted 1 month ago
Claire Fitzgeald
I have been very impressed with the service provided by my Account Manager, Michael who has helped me along the way with his excellent business manner but very easy to talk to at the same time.
Posted 2 months ago
Michael Harrison
I must say that the service received from my account manager, Daniel, has been excellent. Courteous and prompt in answering my queries and reassuring, whenever I raise any doubts.
Posted 2 months ago

Returns are usually higher than a typical equity only investment.


Returns are contractually agreed upon, which prevents volatility.


Borrowers offer asset or personal guarantees which adds a layer of security.


Mezzanine investors always get paid before equity investors.


Some deals offer additional equity returns.

Berkeley Square Partners

General Enquires:

Berkeley Square Partners is the trading name of Berkeley Square Partners LTD, a private limited company registered in England & Wales with number 09293088 and with registered office at 30 Orange Street, London, WC2H 7HH, England. Berkeley Square Partners is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) FRN Number (593194). Capital at risk.