The UK mezzanine finance sector is experiencing exponential growth due to stricter lending requirements by high street banks.

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Berkeley Square is interested in the Housing, Renewable Energy and Hospitality sectors.

The Berkeley Square Partners plans to create a financing platform that is a vertically integrated business specialising in deal origination, planning, construction procurement, development and delivery, property operations and asset management. We invite you to contact our experienced management team to learn more about this exciting programme.

4.7m households currently exist in the UK today, with this number expected to grow to 7.2m by 2025 (8.5% p.a.), implying that 400,000 new homes will be required each year. However, the UK Office for Budget Responsibility predicts that net new additions will plateau at approximately 240,000 between 2020 and 2023, meaning the structural undersupply that already existed will be further exacerbated, thus supporting the case for steady rental growth during this period. Because of this, Build to Rent 'BTR' has now become a crucial part of the solution to helping the government meet its housing delivery targets to address the under supply of housing in the UK.

The profile of the UK's £1.5 trillion PRS housing sector is fractured, with 98% of all landlords owning less than 10 properties. This provides Berkeley Square with the tremendous opportunity to professionalise this asset class by consolidating a portfolio of BTR assets owned and professionally managed, which can then be scaled and managed by property experts. The UK housing supply/demand imbalance, coupled with increasing demand from yield-focused institutional capital seeking to acquire residential income from BTR assets, makes Berkeley Square Partners well placed to make good use of its experience and learn from other mature PRS markets such as the US and Germany.

Savills, a global real estate advisory business, estimates that the UK BTR sector could comprise of over 1.7m households at full maturity, with a total value of £550bn (currently only £10bn based on 30,000 completed homes).

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